Basic ifconfig

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“root” login

In order to login to the Linux CLI you must login as the root user

  • Type root

  • Enter the default root password scopserv

  • If you need to change the default root password then after a successful root login type passwd

  • You will be prompted to enter your new root password twice for confirmation.


Best practices:

  • Do not use dictionary words.

  • Use a combination of alphanumeric characters in your password.

  • Minimum password length should be 8 characters.

Network Module


  • A newly installed server uses DHCP to get an IP address from a DHCP server on the network so make sure the eth0 interface is connected to the network so the server can get an IP address.

  • Before you can login to the server you must know the IP address of at least one physical interface.

  • From the Linux console login prompt, enter username root omitting any quotation marks.

  • From the password prompt enter the default root password scopserv omitting any quotation marks.

  • Once you are successfully logged as root type the command ifconfig to determine at least one eth interface.

  • In this example the eth0 IP address is which is the IP address that will be used to login to the GUI later.

  • Also notice that the HWaddr is the MAC address of the eth0 interface.


Web GUI Login

  • Open a web browser and use the IP address found using the ifconfig command in the following format: http://<ip address>:5555

  • Where <ip address> if the IP address of the server and the :5555 is the listening port of the SCOPTEL web server.

  • Example:

  • The default login username is admin

  • The default admin password is admin