SCOPTEL IP PBX Software - Version Switcher for Telephony Server

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SCOPTEL Software Releases

The change logs for each release can be found here at

Full support for Asterisk 1.8 requires SCOPSERV Telephony Release 2.5

The version switcher allows each system to be easily toggled between different releases of SCOPSERV Telephony

The version switcher also allows each system to be easily toggled between Asterisk 1.4 and Asterisk 1.8

To install SCOPTELTelephony Software version 2.x, you will need to have active maintenance on your SCOPTELserver and be authorized to install 2.x (all licenses sold after January 1 2010 are authorized to use 2.x software). If your license doesn’t already entitle the server for 2.x software, please ask your SCOPSERV rep to activate version 2.x on your license since a modification is needed for your license on our licensing server.

It is necessary to complete this step before proceeding if you do not already have SCOPSERV Telephony 2.x installed on your system.

Enabling SCOPTEL2.x upgrade on GUI

Prerequisite: CentOS 5.x (SCOPTEL2.x cannot be installed on CentOS 4.x and earlier)On GUI -> Server-> License, you must do “Download Key” and check that Telephony 2.x is displayed on the list of modules.

On GUI -> Server -> Packages Manager, you must check “Upgrade to Telephony 2.x” and click on “Save” button.

Installing SCOPTEL2.0 packages.

On Server configuration, go to Packages Manager -> Packages and make sure that “Update OS and SCOPSERV” are enabled, then click Save.

You are now ready to update your system to SCOPTEL2.x software.

To upgrade from the GUI, click on “Update Now” on Packages Manager.

  • Click “Update Now” to upgrade to the latest packages and satisfy all dependencies before proceeding to use the version switcher.

  • Click to Install the missing Telephony package.

  • Wait for the package installation to complete.

  • Click Toggle Version to select desired scopserv-telephony release.

  • The GUI creates the necessary Symlink to toggle the scopserv-telephony version.

  • Click to commit the changes.


The GUI makes it possible to easily toggle between Asterisk releases.

  • In this example Asterisk 1.8 is in use and the system will be switched to Asterisk 1.4.

  • Click on Toggle Version to switch to Asterisk 1.4.

  • The GUI writes the necessary Symlinks to switch to Asterisk 1.4.

  • Click to commit and reload Asterisk.

  • Each database is written along with sanity checks and Asterisk is reloaded.

  • Asterisk must be restarted to start running on the changed version.

  • Click to the Telephony>Configuration>General tree.

  • From the Telephony Server object click on Restart Service.



  • The Version switcher can be used to toggle between any installed release of SCOPSERV Telephony based on current software entitlements.

  • The Version switcher can be used to toggle between any installed release of SCOPSERV Asterisk packages.

  • Upgrading and downgrading between releases is fully supported. Just repeat these steps and choose between installed versions.

  • SCOPSERV reserves the right to deprecate older releases of packages.

  • You should always maintain your system with the most current released packages and update to the current releases before opening a bug report with SCOPSERV support. This means that your software maintenance entitlement must be kept current at all times.

  • Digium reserves the right to discontinue any release of Asterisk.

  • SCOPSERV is not responsible for Asterisk bugs or software releases.