Introduction to SCOPSTATS

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Introduction to SCOPSTATS Reporting Engine

  • Real-time data access (real-time monitoring).

  • Enhanced information tracking thanks to simultaneous access to multiple reports.

  • Simplified and unified filters, easy access to reports (CDR, DAA, RVI…).

  • Hierarchical links between data and reports.

  • VoIP Accounts

  • Real-time monitoring systems for System Reports with system services controls (startup, shutdown, reboot).

  • Available in French and English.

  • SIP Peers and Registrations

  • IVR Usage Reports

  • Fast access to Agent Call Distribution Reports.

  • Uses HTML5 for charts and is compatible with the iPhone and the iPad

  • 100% web based so there is no need to install any client software

  • Does not require a third party server

  • Does not require an additional license

Realtime Engine

Active Channels Extensions VoIP Trunks ACD Queues, Agents, Callers Remote Agent Login and Logoff Conferences Voicemail

Parking Lots CPU Usage Network Usage Memory Usage System Temperature Partitions Custom Panels Real-time data access to live information:

E911 Reports

Integration with Google Maps API to show physical location of each user. Easy access to emergency contact information. Easy access to custom location data for each user. Call Recording and email notification system for each 911 call.


Historical Reports

Every single call log is reported Monitoring record for each recorded phone call saved in .WAV format DNIS Reporting CallerID reporting and filtering Maillog Messages logs IVR Reports to show key press usage for any Auto Attendant object Call Duration Ring time Call time Source Reports Destination Reports Unique ID’s


SCOPSTATS Historical Reports, cont’d

Calls Summary Answered Calls with CLID log Abandoned Calls with CLID log Overflowed Calls with CLID log Service Level Reports for all queues Agent Calls Agent Availability Custom filters Pie Charts Bar Graphs Calls Distribution by time Pause Code Wrapup Code ACD Reports including:

Virtual Switchboard

Full control including: Transfer Conference Calls Voicemail Speed Dials Monitoring/Recording Call Parking

Access to Realtime data including: Active CallerID Call timers