Avaya IP Office Conference Bridge

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SCOPTEL Avaya IP Office Conference Bridging Integration

  • The SCOPTEL PBX includes a Web based user interface for configuring Conference Bridges.

  • Conference Bridging in SCOPTEL does not require additional DSP’s since it is software based and relies on the host CPU(s).

  • SCOPTEL can be used as an external Conference Bridging Application connected to other PBX’s.

  • Supported and bundled interfaces in the SCOPTEL to 3rd party PBX’s include: SIP, IAX2, PRI (T1/E1), BRI, E&M (T1/E1), SCCP, H.323, MGCP.

  • Supported ISDN switch types include NI1, NI2, DMS100, AT&T 4ESS, Lucent 5E, EuroISDN, QSIG. Operating in Normal or Master clocking mode.

  • Supported T1/E1 PSTN hardware is Sangoma or Digium.

SCOPTEL is configured as the Master clock and in DMS100 signalling mode in order for the Avaya IP Office to send name over the PRI.


SCOPTEL uses DNIS configured on an incoming Line object to answer the IP Office and set the destination to the Conference Bridge. In this example a 4 digit DNIS example of 6363 is used.


Set the Destination using the drop down list for Conference and choose the desired Conference Bridge object from the list.

../_images/Module25ScopTELAvayaIPOfficeConferenceBridge7.png ../_images/Module25ScopTELAvayaIPOfficeConferenceBridge8.png

On the Conference tab set your Conference admin options. Optionally if you would like to record the call click on the Monitor Conference? [x] option to save the recording in the CDR report.

Once all configurations are completed and saved you must click on the Commit button on the SCOPTEL GUI to activate your changes.

  • To activate changes to the PRI interface you must first stop the Telephony Server.

  • Restart the Analog/Digital Modules (Dahdi/Wanpipe) Service.

  • Start the Telephony Service.


Avaya IP Office Configuration

Avaya IP Office uses “Incoming Call Routes” for incoming PRI calls and “Short Codes” or “ARS” for outgoing PRI calls. The PRI interface must be placed into an incoming and outgoing group. In this example the group ID’s are 0.


Avaya IP Office uses Short Codes or ARS to originate a call to the DNIS configured in the SCOPTEL. In this example a Short Code value of 6XXX is used to send all calls with a prefix of 6 and a length of 4 to the SCOPTEL PRI using Line Group ID 0.



That’s it ! Using a phone connected to the Avaya IP Office you should be able to dial 6363 and the call will be routed via PRI and the DNIS configuration on the SCOPTEL will answer with the configured Conference Bridge.