Configuring BLF for Pickup Groups

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Background and Pre-Requisites for Pickup Groups with BLF lights

A configured Pickup Group puts more than one extension into a Group ID.

A Feature Code or the BLF button itself can be used to answer any ringing Extension in the configured Group ID.

For each new Pickup Group ScopTEL automatically assigns a Hint (BLF) which can be added as a BLF context to a supported SIP Phone.

This document will explain how to provision a phone to support one or more Busy Lamp Field buttons for Extensions|Pickup Groups


A phone that supports BLF keys which is also included by

Not all Cisco phones support BLF so you must reference

scopserv-telephony25- or higher

The following phones support APS BLF Key|BLF|BLF Mode|Pickup Group drop list configuration

  • Yealink

  • Astra

  • Grandstream

  • Panasonic

  • Snom

Polycom phones must be configured with either Speed Dial|Buddy Watch|True or BLF with the Extensions|Pickup Groups|Group ID|Hint (BLF)|<context> manually entered into the Destination/Extension field

Creating a Pickup Group

Navigate to Telephony|Extensions|Pickup Groups

Click Add a new Group


Creating a Pickup Group

Enter a unique Group ID value for each Pickup Group between 1.-64 Use the Select Tool to add Members and Administrators Click Add when done


Creating a Pickup Group

Edit Columns to display to include Hint (BLF) if the Hint (BLF) column is not visible and you will see the Context for the BLF (Hint) in clear text.


Adding the BLF to the Automatic Provisioning System| Polycom Phone

In this example we’ll add a BLF key using Key/Line 2 drop list speed dial with the Hint (BLF) context from Extensions|Pickup Groups|Group 1|Hint (BLF) and Buddy Watch must be True. The text = pickup-default-876 For Names we will enter a relevant and useful Text Display for the DSS Key Save and Commit the change then reboot the phone so it can download its new configuration



Once the Phone is rebooted and has successfully downloaded its new configuration it will have a DSS Key labelled with the configured text. The BLF Light will show idle when no phones in the monitored Pickup Group are Ringing. Once an Extension in the monitored Pickup Group starts Ringing the BLF key will show a Ringing status display. Press the configured button to answer the Ringing Extension. Optionally you can use the Features Code value for Group Pickup.